Brian and Dianne take every care to raise healthy, well socialised kittens. They take time to explain everything you need to know and make it all seem so effortless. We searched long and hard to find a kitten who could live up to our last golden persian. I was no stranger to the breed and was only going to settle for the best. If you've found this site, then you need look no further in your search for a beautiful, well adjusted kitten. We are so happy with our two little babies - yes 2, we wanted a little girl but couldn't resist having her brother too. Their temperament is second to none, they purr non stop and love being groomed. Even when they get excited when playing they never scratch, all you feel is a big soft paw! Beautiful inside and out - we couldn't have asked for more. We'll be forever grateful to Brian and Dianne for raising such gorgeous kittens, I simply can't praise them enough.

Linda Harrison
Marshmallow is a Happy, Confident, Healthy, Mischievous little kitten! Brian and Dianne were very friendly, welcoming, helpful, and professional and genuinely care about their animals and what they do. I would highly recommend Kittylicious to anybody looking for a beautiful, quality pedigree cat, all the kittens and adults are very well socialized and in impeccable condition and the service we received was second to none. Thank you so much!

Ellie Warner
“I am more than pleased with my babies from Kittylicious. Everything went really straightforward in the adoption. And in all matters Brian and Dianne have been really helpful.  I certainly would recommend them to anyone seeking a beautiful chinchilla."

Alix Nichols
Harriet is a beatiful, friendly, happy kitten. She settled in really well in just a couple of days and she clearly had a very loving and careful up bringing. Kittylicious were extreemly helpful when we were considering taking her on and have given us a great deal of information and advice. The cats we met when we visited them all appeared to be extreemly well cared for, contented and happy. We would recomend kittylicious to anyone planning on getting a pedigree cat, Harriet is absolutely wonderful.

Madeleine Geddes-Barton
We found Kittylicious personable, friendly and caring, with the right balance between and professionalism and genuine love for what they do. Their cats and kittens are beautiful, charming and very heathly. We have since requested to be added to their notification list for future kittens, and we would definately recommend them to anyone looking for an adorable precious kitty fluff ball.

Jon Williams
Brian and Dianne were really friendly and welcoming. I was shown Eira's mum and Dad. They both took plenty of time to explain the paperwork and answer any questions we had. I took Eira to my vet for a check up after 2 weeks as advised by Brian and Dianne. My vet said that Eira was in 'tip top' condition and was very impressed with the information booklet given on looking after a kitten. I would not hesitate in recommending Kittylicious to friends and family. It was definitely worth the travelling. Eira is everything I ever hoped for in a kitten.

Diane  Davies 
After losing our lovely Persian we knew he could never be replaced but also knew we couldn't have a home without a cat. On finding Brian on the internet we were so pleased at his caring response to our requests including sending more photos for us to see their progress. We ended up purchasing two kittens in the end who have settled into our home perfectly. They were completely litter trained and happy with the food that was recommended to us to feed them. We were given a lovely pack of goodies for each of them which was so useful in the first few days of settling in. Thank you.

Julie Mace
I purchased Kittylicious Samson just a few days ago and he has settled in perfectly. He has been socialised so well he took to my two dogs even though he had never seen a dog before. Samson is full of confidence, love and hugs I bless the day I answered the advertisment. So thank you Brian and Dianne for my beautiful, healthy, happy baby. xx Carol at Extravaganza Persians

Carol Woodard      
Brian & Dianne are fabulous hobby breeders of Chinchilla cats. The cats were in very clean surroundings and both kittens and adult cats were very well loved & cared for. I always felt welcome to visit & I was able to have lengthy chats about cats on a regular basis which really educated me on caring for my soon to be babies. I was also sent numerous photo's & video's which was lovely as I was able to follow their progress from the very beginning.

Lorraine Smith
Having recently lost our 12 year old Persian cat to Kidney Disease were devastated and our house felt so empty without her. Whilst just browsing the internet looking at cats and kittens in order to keep myself occupied (not intending to buy any just yet) I came across the Kittylicious website via a Pets4homes advertisment for two male kittens. Having read all the website pages and other feedback, I cautiously started emailing Brian. (Cautious as I was not sure it was right to purchase any living creature as a commodity from an internet site) Brian's answers to my questions were always answered quickly and honestly which gave me confidence to continue. 23 emails later, a phone-call and a 500 mile round trip to meet Brian, Diane and all the other resident cats we are now proud owners of two beautiful, affectionate, well balanced kittens. It was a lovely welcoming, warm and friendly, informative experience and we are delighted with our new arrivals. The kittens goody bags were also much appreciated.
If you are genuine cat lover and are looking to add a kitten/s to your family I would fully recommend with confidence, contacting Kittylicious and discuss your requirements with Brian. Thank you again.

Marion James
Brian and Dianne were so friendly and very genuine. Very helpful and we were shown the parents and had the pleasure of meeting all the persians. I would recommend them to anyone who are looking to buy a Persian kitten. I am very pleased with my beautiful baby Persian he is gorgeous. Thank you so much Brian and Dianne

Debbie McDonagh 
DEAR Brian,Dianne, Thank you for all your exellent advice and information. Percy and Tilly have settled in really well ( taken over ) they are both just purfect. Lord Percy is such a handsome boy and very vocal, Lady Tilly is just the most gorgious little girl with beautiful big eyes. Our other cat Billy thinks it's great,he has gained two new friends and has reverted to being a kitten again! . Visiting several times we found you both to beas cat mad as we are and all your cats were lovely characters. We are sure that we will be calling on you both again soon. Many Thanks to you both

Lynne & Gary Snowden
We initially wanted to buy a little girl as we had recently lost our 16 year old persian to old age.
On arrival, we saw her playing with her only sibling, her brother.
We walked away from Kittylicious with our little twins, two Golden Chinchilla Persian kittens that we have called Roxy & Dexter and they could not be more wonderful.
They have two bigger Exotics cats to play with and they have integrated well with each other. They love playing in the garden and house is full of toys and cat climbing equipment, they are all very happy.
I can't say enough good words about Brian and Dianne, they provide a clean, warm, loving environment to breed their cats and that is transmitted in the kittens they sell, it's very clear that they care a great deal about what they do and we have had a quite a few pedigree cats from different breeders, but Brian and Dianne stand head and shoulders above them all and I would not hesitate in recommending them to my family and friends.

Harry Feather
From the first moment we met Brian and Dianne we could tell they were more than just breeders they genuine love all of their cats and kittens.   The time and effort they put into looking after the kittens definitely shows in the kittens' temperament and we would not hesitate to recommend them and if we ever decide that our current three babies need another brother or sister we would make the 250 mile round trip again and again

Gina Flannigan
Sweetie cat is the most gorgeous baby, she has settled into our family with ease, she is wonderful around our children and other cats she follows our old boy golden chinchilla around like a mini me!! She has a fabulous personality and the most vocal cat we've had, we have nearly renamed her squeaky cat!! Dianne and Brian were great when we visited to meet Sweetie, thank you to you both for our wonderful new baby.

Becky Jakeman
We have found Brian and Diane a very nice couple who are commited to the welfare of their cats and the kittens they breed. With their stringent vetting of prospective owners of their kittens I would have know hestitaion recomending them to friends and family. As for rating I could not rate them highly enough. Well done Brian and Diane.

Tom Harkin
Thank you so much to Dianne and Brian for helping to bring our beautiful kitten into the world. He has already made us so happy.
From the very first time that we met Dianne and Brian, we felt like we had known them forever. They were so friendly, helpful, and informative. We fell in love with our baby George immediately, and were delighted when Dianne and Brian invited us to visit him each week before we took him home. The whole Kittylicious experience was absolutely perfect. We have already recommended Kittylicious to all of our friends and family.

Hannah Roche
Our family are so happy with the new arrival of our exotic kitten Toffee. Brian & Dianne are such a wonderful and caring couple whom breed for the sheer love of exotics. It truly shows in Toffee's outgoing nature, he is a joyful addition to the family. We are thrilled to have found Kittylicious, with their attention to quality not quantity.

Shane Kindelan
As you no doubt remember, we took two kittens from you. One was a Chinchilla, chosen because she was so like one that we lost a few years ago, and the other an Exotic Shorthair who chose us. We had no intention of going home with two kittens, and certainly not a shorthair after keeping Persians for more than 30 years.

However, they are a joy to watch when they are together. They are both sociable and loving and, even though totally different breeds, get on so well together. We are impressed that they have been like this from the time we brought them home, and believe this is because of the very personal care you provided for them in their first few weeks.

Charron Redgate
It's been 4 weeks since we picked up our new addition baby Orion but it seems like he's been here forever, what ever we did before we had Orion we just don't know he's the most adorable baby kitten he's so funny he's very clever too. He settled right from day one Brian & Diane are absolutely awesome and I would recommend them to anyone wanting a baby kitten. They offer so much advise & love all their kitties, we couldn't be happier and neither could Orion! He loves playing and loves sleeping lol. To the family who didn't turn up- your loss this baby is so special and is now king if the castle in our house we love him so much we hope his sister is as happy and one day hope to have another baby for Orion to look after. Thank you Diane & Brian for caring so much love from The Lindleys 😸

Sue Lindley
Persian Kittens and Exotics ...
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Kittylicious Testimonials

What the new Mums and Dads think...
“Very impressed”

Thank you for you warm and caring greeting your yorkshire ways made me feel at ease. Your caring ways absolutely shine through the kitten we bought from you, she is so confident and full of personality. Your whole set up you have at your home and the way you so obviously love each of your cats and their kittens, who are wonderfully cared for, their fur is in such amazing condition and so friendly I have no doubts that I made the right choice buying my golden girl from you. I would definately recommend you to anyone wanting a kitten, well worth the journey no matter where they might live. I would also like to add that your after care is very re assuring especially for first time persian owners. You really are a wonderful couple, keep up the good work!!

Bernard P.

What wonderful breeders. Dexter was loved and well cared for. Lots of advice given and a great goodie pack as well. Dexter is well trained and has a lovely temperament so it has made the transition into a new family an easy process.

Hannah W.

We have had our gorgeous little kitten home for two weeks now and what a joy he is. He has such a gentle and loving nature, thanks to the secure and loving environment he had with Diane,Brian and Clare.They think of every last detail, even providing a gift bag with everything you would need for your return home.Alfie settled down really quickly and is adored by all the family.Would definately recommend Kittylicious.

Marie p.
“Excellent experience”

We took 2 kittens from the same litter. The kittens were well looked after and only handed over when they were 3 months old and had passed all vets checks and had been microchipped

We visited a few times and were always welcomed. Nothing was a problem.

2 years later, they are such a part of our family and have lovely personalities and funny habits.

I would definitely recommend KittyLicious

Fiona B.
“Double The Joy”

Our 15 year old persian died a natural death and we decided we wanted another cat.
We put our names on the waiting list and we were so excited to get the call to say we could go look at a kitten.... We witnessed a 2 kitten litter, brother & sister Golden Chinchilla Persians, they were identical, you couldn't split them apart, so we didn't, we bought both and they're coming up to their 1st birthday and they're just adorable, well natured little cats and as far as Brian and Dianne are concerned, I think they do a brilliant job and it's reflected in the cats they breed. I'll definitely recommend them with ease.
Well done you two.

Harry F.
“Perfect Kitties”

We had two beautiful kittens from Kittylicious who have grown into amazing lovable, playful, easygoing comical cats. As far as we are concerned Brian and Dianne are the perfect hobby breeders. Communications at all times was excellent and on viewing/collection of our kittens we felt very welcome and were able to see and handle all of their other friendly well cared for loved cats. I wish all breeders could follow their example as our whole experience with Kittylicious was perfect. Thank you so much Brian and Dianne

Marion J.
“Mittsie May and Theodore”

My sister bought a chinchilla Persian from Brian and Dianne and I loved him so much a year later I went back and got myself a golden exotic.
Brian and Dianne are lovely and obviously care a lot about their cats. All the cats are treated like babys and so used to human contact and love a cuddle.
Both Mittsie and Theodore have their own very unique personaties and everyone comments on how gorgeous they are what what lovely temperaments they have which is thanks to how they were brought up.
I'd reccommend them to anyone who wants a cat.

Amy g.

We have found Brian and Diane a very nice couple who are committed to the welfare of their cats and the kittens they breed. With their stringent vetting of prospective owners of their kittens I would have know hesitation recommending them to friends and family. As for rating I could not rate them highly enough. Well done Brian and Diane.

Charron R.
“Tommy and Lily”

I have purchased 2 beautiful Persians who I adore. Brian and Dianne were excellent with the information given to me. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who was wanted a Persian.

Debbie M.
“My first kitten from kittylicious”

Brian and Diane are very warm and generous people ,they come across as very knowledgable and caring in the breeding of the cats and kittens they rear ,they are kept in spotless conditions I would highly recommend them.

Ann D.
“Delightful people, beautiful kittens.”

When we met Brian and Dianne we knew instantly that these were the people we could trust to buy our new kitten from.

. Their kittens were so obviously loved and treated as part of the family. Their lounge was filled with happy healthy bundles of fluff We have had a number of beautiful Persian cats over the years and can honestly say we have never come across such genuinely caring people before. Our new baby Eric is now a two year old bundle of joy. He has a beautiful nature and adores our two granddaughters. Brian and Dianne questioned us in depth about our experience with cats and so obviously were not prepared to let their kittens go to unsuitable homes.Without a doubt we will be back if only I can persuade my other half that we really do need a third baby.

Wendy B.
“purchase of kittylicious chewie”

Buying a new fur baby to add to our family is always a difficult process. This is because we care so much about our fury children and want to make sure that we are choosing from an excellent breeder, who share the same values as we do.
From the moment I visited Brian and Dianne I was made to feel welcome and comfortable. The love, care and attention they give to all of their cats is overwhelming. They truly are their life. Once I had chosen our fur baby, the process from start to collecting him was so professional and thorough. I cannot thank them both enough for their kindness and support. I would recommend anyone wishing to purchase a new fur baby to get in touch with Brian and Dianne.

Wendy M.
“Teddy Persian kitty”

We can only say we had a first class experience in dealing with Brian at kittylicious .. Out little teddy is s beautiful Persian he has the most amazing disposition and is loving and gentle .. He is part of our family and we would highly recommend kittylicious to anyone wanting to offer a home to a Persian kitty

Vicky L.
“Five star experience”

Excellent service. Dianne and Brian took a lot of time to advise me about caring for my new kitten. I saw both his parents. My cat is thriving and I just wouldn't be without him. If I purchase another kitten Dianne and Brian would be my first choice.

Diane W
“Finding a new member of our family”

An overall very good experience , lovely people who obviously love their cats , we couldn't be any happier with our little Ezmerelda she is a superb example of a golden chinchilla and she has the nicest nature which is a credit to her breeders , we would recommend them to everyone.

Jacqueline L.
“A recommendation for Brian and Diane”

Last year I was fortunate to meet Brian and Diane acquire one of their babies and would have no hesitation in recommending any serious cat lover to them at Kittylicious. I would caution however that they take the welfare of their babies very seriously and only true cat lovers should apply for one as they will be vetted very carefully.

Tom H.
“Lord hector”

We came across Kittylicious (Brian and Dianne) after we started searching for breeders of Persians. We could not have been made to feel more welcome by them from our first phone call, to meeting them both and finally picking Hector up. They love and care for each of the kittens and cats like they are their little babies. We would recommend them to any of our friends to go to for a Persian kitten.

Emma D.

I purchased a golden persian boy from Brian and Diane in June 2014. He was the son of Porscha and Sir Max.

A beautiful cat with an excellent temperament. Diane and Brian are excellent breeders and ensure all their kittens go to an excellent home.

I had two chinchilla persian's before Gatsby the last one living until 18years.
The house was just not the same without a persian. I travelled from Scotland to Yorkshire to see Gatsby and was impressed by the set up that Diane was running from home. They devote a lot of time and effort to their cats and this is evident in the kitten and adult cat you bring home.
Gatsby is a wonderful cat and i am so glad our paths crossed at the right time in order for me to be his proud owner.

Keep up the great work Brian and Diane we need you to continue the excellent Persian breed.
The new web page is fab too i love looking at all the new arrivals I am tempted to buy another.

Amanda /Gavin
South Lanarkshire
“Toffee the Golden Exotic Boy.”

After searching for quite some time for a suitable exotic breeder we couldn't be more happier with Brian & Dianne. They were informative, professional and caring with every step of adopting our fur baby. Their passion for exotics is evident with only breeding a select number at any given time. Our kitten Toffee has benefited from their love & care with him already socially adjusted with a sweet temperament. We are more than thrilled with Toffee and with our experience with Kittylicious.

Shane K
“Kittylicious - simply the best!!”

It's been 4 weeks since we picked up our new addition baby Orion but it seems like he's been here forever, what ever we did before we had Orion we just don't know he's the most adorable baby kitten he's so funny he's very clever too. He settled right from day one Brian & Diane are absolutely awesome and I would recommend them to anyone wanting a baby kitten. They offer so much advise & love all their kitties, we couldn't be happier and neither could Orion! He loves playing and loves sleeping lol. To the family who didn't turn up- your loss this baby is so special and is now king if the castle in our house we love him so much we hope his sister is as happy and one day hope to have another baby for Orion to look after & it will only come from Kittylicious !! Thank you Diane & Brian for caring so much love from

The Lindley's.
“Cutest Kittens”

Dianne & Brian have been extremely helpful, kind & informative in our recent purchase of two silver chinchilla kittens. They provided us with all that we could have needed to get started such as; cat litter, litter trays, food & some new toys. The kittens have a wonderful temprement and are beautiful.

Beverley M
“The Best Persian Chinchilla Breeders in the UK”

My heartfelt thank you goes to Brian and Dianne, after losing my beloved Persian chinchilla to rear end paralysis at the grand age of 16 years, I was desperate to find another feline companion. I contacted ALL of the chinchilla breeders in the uk to find the kitty just right for me, I didnt like the way some of the GCCF breeders did business, pushing you to have their kittens and falsely bad mouthing other breeders to push their own kittens. Not Brian and Dianne! I was confused and so I contact the GCCF who said Kittylicious were fantastic breeders. I discovered Kittylicous through another breeder who had stopped breeding but refered me to them and through a beautiful chinchilla I follow on social media whose owner told me of how wonderful Brian and Dianne are to their cats. I also noticed the amazing reviews of the new owners, and how they often bought two cats instead of one. So I contacted Kittylicious and Brian kindly let me know they would have a litter in 5 months. From then on, both Dianne and Brian were amazing! I ended up buying a little silver chinchilla girl and a little Golden chinchilla boy I cannot speak highly of them enough, they welcomed my sister and I into their home with such warmth and we spoke for 3 hours watching mummy Porsha and her little kittens, I was then given a tour of their SPOTLESS cattery, meeting all the cats who all have amazing temperaments, keen to greet all guests. I was given updates on the kittens with pictures of how they were getting on, before I collected them. I collected both kittens this week and Briand and Dianne are AMAZING! The kitty pack saved my life as I was moving home, nothing was too much trouble, I was provided a Ferrari of a cat carrier for the 5 and half hour journey home, along with fresh cooked chicken in a little bag, as well as kitten food pouches, royal canin kitten food, litter trays, scoopers, fabulous toys and all the paperwork, including PKD papers for the parents. From start to finish Brian and Dianne have been amazing, and I felt so sad taking their beloved kittens away as you can see how much they love their cats and kittens, which shows how well the kittens are brought up and how healthy they are. The kittens themselves are so lovely in temperament, with beautiful coats and clear, bright eyes, never biting or scratching. Brian runs through bathing techniques and Dianne ran through all their quirky habits with me. I have had cats before but I can honestly say I made the best choice ever when I decided to go with Kittylicious even though I had to travel 300 miles to visit them! Brian Dianne, their family, and the cats they own and the kittens they bring up have the warmest hearts with the most beautiful faces I have ever seen in persian chinchillas, and I cannot thank them enough! I have continued to be in touch on aftercare, and I feel like my hand has been held throughout, thank you so much!

Shareena A.
“Anna 2016”

Brian & Diane kept our kitten until we returned from holiday & we collected her on 9th December 2016. She spent most of the first day with us hiding under the settee but we needn't have worried as she has made herself at home since then !!!
Brian & Diane were true to their word and gave us everything they promised in the starter kit for when we took Anna home with us. All documentation was ready for us, we signed the agreement & went home with our new kitten. We have had cats for the last 30 years & all have their own personality & Anna is no exception. She has settled in well, has developed her own quirks & has demonstrated a clear ability to climb!
We would have no hesitation in having a kitten from Brian & Diane in the future as we have had a really good experience with them, their care of the kittens is second to none & we would recommend them if you are looking for a kitten that comes with a personality .

Christine R.
“Wonderful, Wondeful”

I would like to thank Diane and Brian for the fantastic and second to none care and love they give to all their Kittens and Cats. Made our experience of looking for a new kitten to welcome into our family very easy. They have to be congratulated for their total professionalism and exceptional detail they go into and advice which comes with every new Kitten. I didn't have to think of anything it was all done for me. i would not hesitate but to recommend them to anyone thinking of getting a new kitten. We were only going to take one but decided upon two which we collected today. How wonderful they are thank you soo much.

Melanie & Michael Hal
“Golden Persian Kitten”

Dianne and Brian are really nice people, made us feel welcome. Really impressed with their setup. Heated pens, radio on to keep them company. All the Cats where in tip top condition and you can tell they are all well loved.
Came away with various cat care information sheets and toys.

Janet C.

Couldn't have asked for a better experience!
A lovely welcoming family,friendly,caring and truly devoted to their fur babies.
With so much experience,yet still happily answering all our basic questions without making us feel silly.
It's been a real pleasure to meet them all,and a total delight to have such a healthy,happy and friendly addition to our family,thank you for everything you've all done,plus continue to do by being there for us with our many questions!
Appreciated more than you'll ever know xx

Nicola W
“Fabulous people, fabulous cats!”

Dianne and Brian were wonderfully welcoming and displayed nothing but affection and concern for their cats, and their cat babies! They were still lovely to us when we called our gorgeous golden boy Gremlin! and were extremely accommodating in looking after him until we could settle him in after christmas. Gremlin has only been home a couple of days, but he has the best nature, which is testament to his fantastic upbringing, and the time and effort Dianne and Brian put in to their babies! I also know they are both at the end of the phone if need anything! Dianne and Brian are true animal lovers, breed fabulous kittens and I would recommend them in a heartbeat!

Laura & Ude