Train Your Cat to Use a Cat Bed

What makes a good location for a cat bed?

Each cat is different and you will have to think about your cat's personality in combination with their current sleeping places, however there are a couple of rules of thumb which may help.

Somewhere out of the way is a good place to start, maybe under a table, behind a curtain, between two chairs, use your imagination. Either way, don't choose the middle of a room, or a hallway where he may be in constant view or constant danger of a misguided foot coming too close for comfort.

Next, can he see better than he can be seen? Behind a curtain may be good but half way behind, with enough gap to peek out at the room unseen is better. On top of a cupboard may be good, but on top of a cupboard with some boxes and other strategically placed obstacles could be better.

Heat from radiators (in the winter) or from sunshine (at any time of year) can also be very tempting for cats. Sometimes you just can't find places that meet all three criteria, but a windowsill behind nearly closed curtains is a good example of a place that does fit all three. Probably you won’t have enough room for a cat bed on a windowsill, but it is a good ideal to look at for ideas.
Cat Bed
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Cat Bed

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